The Calhoun Kerfuffle Continues

CT News Junkie Christine Stuart has a piece about several state legislators asking that UConn reprimand men’s basketball coach Jimmy C. for his impolite exchange with “activist/freelance journalist” Ken Krayeske. The letter from the lawmakers comes on the heels of Gov. M. Jodi Rell calling Calhoun’s outburst “an embarrassing display,” and suggested that the coach might want a “do-over.”

I’m not surprised by the legislators’ remarks, given the blanket coverage Coach Calhoun’s response has gotten. But I am surprised by the surprise. Calhoun’s temper (or lack thereof) is as famous as his run-and-gun offense, and this is not the first time he’s been publicly accused of being, er, impolite. Hartford Courant sports columnist Jeff Jacobs called out Calhoun years ago, claiming that Calhoun had threatened him and called him bad names.

Calhoun is a renowned bully, Krayeske is a renowned publicity hound and I think that, in this instance, they were both right and wrong. These two guys deserve each other.


3 responses to “The Calhoun Kerfuffle Continues

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  2. Krayeske is a twit, but a useful one in this case. The idea that Calhoun’s salary is out-of-bounds for questioning is absurd. What’s even more absurd is the suggestion that he was somehow “ambushed” at a press conference. Answering questions is the whole reason he was there, for god’s sake.

  3. OK, ambushed is the wrong word. Wrong just like the photo press pass Krayeske lied about to get into the post-game conversation. (ZING!) I think Jimmy’s paychecks are definitely a legitimate thing to discuss. I just wish this fellow went about it in a better way. But the other side of that coin is that if he tried to pursue so-called official channels, he likely would have been stonewalled in perpetuity.

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