The Family That Jails Together Stays Together

This is funny and sad all at once. There must be a German word for that…

A family of four spent part of Thursday night in the town lockup after a mom and 13-year-old daughter were charged with shoplifting and the father and teen son were charged with probation violation when they tried to bail out the woman and girl, police said.

“I don’t ever recall having four related people in lockup at the same time,” Lt. Brian Mullins, on the force since the 1970s, said Friday. “It’s pretty unusual.”

These kind of odd-ball stories are not uncommon in local police coverage. But if papers like The Courant continue their downsizing trend, stories like these will eventually slip through the cracks. It seems that the oldest continuously published daily is already suffering from weaker line-editing. Besides the clunky lede, the story fails to say which town police department arrested this family. I’m guessing Cromwell, but that’s only because that’s where the mother’s address is.


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