A Sad Day at The Day


It appears family life “columnist” and parenting-blogger extraordinaire Pam Dolan is calling it quits, because of the “hostility” that breeds in the comments section of theday.com. Count me in the camp of those who won’t miss Miss Dolan. The fine whine she enjoys in her final post pretty much sums up her career.

It’s time to move on. The comments section is getting nastier, sometimes devolving into a bizarre snipe-fest with a life of its own. This is entirely inappropriate for a nice little parenting blog intended to be read by other parents. It tells me that the blog has run its course. Nobody needs all of that hostility. The whole thing strikes me as a devastating commentary on the lack of compassion in this weirdly anonymous micro-culture of the blogosphere

Dolan always seemed more interested in writing about how her two advances degrees in literature and chemistry were being wasted on her mothering anyway, and when people took issue with, or responded negatively to her tales of parenting, she finally decided enough was enough.

I’d say her retirement from the mean nasty blogosphere is for the best. Her daughter is old enough and self-aware enough and tech-savvy enough, I’m sure, to get on a computer and read what her mother’s written, and to a young mind, it might not be all that flattering.


2 responses to “A Sad Day at The Day

  1. But Clarky, don’t you agree with her? I mean, didn’t you write an unpublished column about how people who comment online are 80% idiotic or something?

    That said, yeah, I’m not super impressed with Pam Dolan’s parenting wisdom. In fact, most advice columnists I think aren’t exactly examples of people with the right job qualifications. Literature and Chemistry degrees? How about, maybe…a parenting columnist with a degree in child education, or child psychology? That would be weirdly appropriate.

  2. Yeah, they’re idiots, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be allowed to be idiots. The whole point of my column was that these people could be safely ignored, or baited into whatever stupid argument you like. As for The Day finding someone appropriately credentialed to do anything, I think we both know that’s a stretch…

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