U.S. Military Motivational Speech to Iraqis

The following video is of a U.S. soldier aggressively addressing a group of Iraqi police recruits. It’s full of profanity, so headphones, please.

Via Harper’s Ken Silverstein’s Washington Babylon blog, which currently has a reply from a former U.S. Army Captain who says that the foul-mouthed soldier in the video was speaking the silent thoughts of tens of thousands of American military personnel.

I won’t judge the man in the video. I have no concept of what it’s like to fight in war, especially one as gray as the Iraq conflict. The video is stunning, though, and I think it does reflect the enormous amount of stress on our soldiers fighting there.


One response to “U.S. Military Motivational Speech to Iraqis

  1. Again, the thought occurs: What a tragedy that Kubrick’s not around.

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