Simmons, Dodd Tied in new Q-Poll

Fresh off his outrage-fest over Chris Dodd, Connecticut’s senior Senator, hosting a healthcare forum at the Coast Guard Academy, Rob Simmons is enjoying a marginal lead over Dodd, according to a new Quinnipiac University Poll.

Dodd trails Simmons by one point, 43 to 42 percent.  In a head-to-head matchup with CNBC host Larry Kudlow, Dodd leads 46 to 34 percent.

“These numbers have to worry Sen. Christopher Dodd. Former Congressman Simmons is not well known outside his district, yet he is running neck and neck with Dodd at this point,” said Quinnipiac pollster Douglas Schwartz.

With news like this, I’d be shocked, shocked if Simmons doesn’t make a run at Dodd for the 2010 race.


2 responses to “Simmons, Dodd Tied in new Q-Poll

  1. Tricky to comment on, because I know and like Simmons, and his family. I also worked for him on the hill for a semester in D.C.. The numbers are surprising. I’m not sure I buy Simmons outrage about the healthcare forum, do you Clark? Seems like a bit of a publicity stunt…and Simmons didn’t even show because of a “scheduling conflict” ? Hmn. Sounds like posturing to me–maybe on both sides, but still.

  2. Of course I don’t buy Simmons’ outrage. I like the guy, too, against my better judgment, probably. But, like a little birdie said, this was Submarine Bob’s attempt at landing an early punch in the senate fight. Also, if this were a forum on increasing defense capabilities or defending the homeland against terrorism, Sub Bob wouldn’t have said a peep. Nothing says “Simmons in 2010” quite like phony outrage.

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