Cramer and Stewart Face-to-Face

Last night CNBC’s Jim Cramer and Jon Stewart met face-to-face. It was everything you could have hoped for: Cramer trying to take credit for shedding light on the dirty deeds of Wall Street ex post facto, the annoying audience clapping after Stewart made a convincing point, and Cramer simply getting owned.

Stewart was wise to make this about CNBC’s role in the crisis, and not strictly about Cramer. And I’m thinking Cramer is regretting his decision to make the rounds on all the morning talk shows Tuesday, making it seem like Jon Stewart wronged him somehow.

Watch the entire interview here.

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3 responses to “Cramer and Stewart Face-to-Face

  1. Its funny to me that Michael Steele gets jumped all over for recanting his personal criticisms of Rush Limbaugh, but when Jon Stewart does the same thing to Jim Cramer he’s “wise”.

  2. Who’s saying that? From where I was sitting Stewart dismantled Cramer, who looked like he’d regretted his decision to ever get involved in this fight. So far as I can tell, Stewart hasn’t recanted anything.

  3. Cramer was destroyed. Stewart did good work on this one, and showed a great deal of professionalism. He should try to do more of his interviews in this style. He is just as guilty as anyone of softball interviews.

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