Cramer, NBC Tuck Tail

After Jim Cramer got drubbed on “The Daily Show,” NBC executives asked it’s subsidiaries to not mention “The Mad Money” host’s poor performance.

This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, but the idea that Cramer was blindsided by Stewart’s “hostile tone” just goes to show you how little thought he puts into his work. The idea that, because actual news outlets and journalists can’t seem to ask a hard question, Cramer expected the same treatment from Stewart reveals how stupid he is.

I’m sure this will come off as hero-worship of Stewart, but fuck it. The guy proved his mettle, and professionalism. And if you had to bet which TV personality in this fight comes out better in the long run, which would you pick?


One response to “Cramer, NBC Tuck Tail

  1. Stewart didnt allow cramer to even speak. Evertime he tried stewart cut him off. Cramer was giving you an example of what a hedge fund manager could do because he knows how they work. Before he could explain that stewart ripped into him perhaps fearing that he would look like an ass if there was actually a legitamate answer. What stewart did was below the belt. Obviously cramer wasnt given the chance to go over the upcoming material which is standard in the talk show world furthermore he was not given the opportunity to bring his own thousands of clips where he advises to get the heck out of the market or never buy a stock just because he says its a buy. Im sure stewart made a ton of money when the market was hot and im sure he didnt complain about tv hosts recommending stocks.i promise you stewart is a multi millionaire and actually doesnt really give a crap about what happened to others 401ks but he knew he would have a large audience and would look like he cares if he ripped cramer. He looked like a jerk if you ask me!

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