Simmons Vs. Dodd: It’s ON

Former 2nd-District Congressman Rob Simmons, a Republican, told the AP that he’s going to run against Connecticut’s senior senate Democrat, Chris Dodd. By all measures, this will be a fun race to watch.

Simmons and others have been critical of Dodd for refinancing two mortgages in 2003 with Countrywide Financial, one of the nation’s most controversial lenders. Dodd has said he knew he was in a VIP program, but said he was not aware of — and never sought — preferential treatment for being on the Senate banking committee. Dodd has since become chairman of the committee.

We’ve talked about this before. It’s a no-brainer for Simmons — he’s got a good resume, he’ll put up a good fight and raise his national profile. Dodd is as unpopular as he’s ever been, and it may just be his time. Simmons’ friend and former campaign manager, Chris Healy, the current chairman of the state GOP, has been hammering Dodd over his mortgage debacle. I wouldn’t be surprised if Healy and Simmons teamed up for 2010.


2 responses to “Simmons Vs. Dodd: It’s ON

  1. I’m so psyched about this! As you may know Clarkie, I’m a big Simmons supporter, he’s my brand of Republican. It was a crying shame he lost to that closet-queen Joe Courtney by a measly 95 votes. The only reason he lost was because he had the same letter next to his name as George W. Bush, probably the only thing they had in common was that “R”. Today redemption is spelled R-O-B!

  2. Kudlow, Schiff, Simmons all possibly lining up for the same spot. That is the real story.

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