Pope not good at thinking critically

Two men who cannot think critically to save their lives, or more importantly, other people's lives

The Pope recently made some statements about AIDs in Africa:

“You can’t resolve it with the distribution of condoms,” the pope told reporters aboard a plane headed to Yaounde, Cameroon. “On the contrary, it increases the problem.” – npr.org

Condoms do not, ever, increase the spread of disease.  The Pope thinks that condoms will increase sexual activity.  Maybe this is true. However, the spread of AIDs in Africa occurs mainly through Rape.  Abstinence, the Pope’s solution, does not protect against rape.  I have never heard of a woman getting assaulted and telling her assaulter that she is abstinent and the assailant stopping his assault.  The only country in the world where AIDs is spread primarily through consensual sex is China.  Africa is not China.  Africa is not even Catholic, although Roman-Catholicism is quickly spreading.  Africa is headed for complete annihilation with AIDs rates in the southern parts of the continent approaching, and by some estimates topping, 30%.  Some statistics have reported that 50% of pregnant African women are HIV positive.  Abstinence is NOT an answer on this continent.  Some groups have tried to spread the practice of circumcision because it reduces your chance of spreading HIV from female to male.  Condoms have been distributed by western organizations.

The reality of the situation is that abstinence will not solve the problems.  Condoms may help slow the spread of infection until medical organizations can catch up and help treat infected peoples.

Without saying anything horrible about the Pope, I will say that he is wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong and it will cost lives.


2 responses to “Pope not good at thinking critically

  1. I’d like to point out that, despite the fact that the current Pope has narrow-minded conservative views concerning HIV/AIDS and most other modern social issues, Catholic charities remain one of the biggest forces in the fight against HIV/AIDS in Africa. 25% of all AIDS services in the world are provided by the Catholic Church. These services are not limited to abstinence efforts. They include education and medical and social services.

    On another note, its true that rape is one of the factors that spreads HIV/AIDS in Africa, however, studies are showing that some of the major factors contributing to the spread of the disease are not linked to poverty or violence but culture. One of these cultural factors is marital fidelity. Infidelity is not seen as particularly immoral or wrong in most African cultures, and so extramarital sexual activity is common in Africa and contributes to the spread of AIDS. Also, some widely practiced traditional ways contribute to the spread of the disease. Some of these traditional ways involve the ritualistic nursing of babies, which spreads AIDS from women to infants. Also, ritualistic cutting and mixing of bodily fluids is practiced. It has been found that such rituals are so ingrained that they are carried out even after people are informed of the risk.



  2. None of those ways of spreading AIDs are a factor, except extramarital rape. Nursing and bodily fluid sharing are small parts. Xhosa tribes still practice cutting children but it’s not a huge factor in the spread of HIV/Aids.
    Rape, which can be, and usually is, extramarital is the one. That is how people contract HIV. It is not contracted out of choice or culture. Africans are people just like us. Not freakish weirdos that pass disease through ancient cultural practice.

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