Earmark Hypocrisy

There’s nothing quite like Republican hypocrisy.

Via TPM:

When the 2009 spending bill passed last week, Republicans on the Hill– and the stray Dem — were united in a chorus of earmark-bashing. In the words of Sen. Jim Bunning (R-KY): “Cut ’em all out.”

But it turns out that while the senator from Kentucky voted against the bill, he had $10.6 million in earmarks — 13 separate earmarks, to be exact — in the bill. And he is by no means alone. Several members touted their opposition to the bill and then voted against it, even as they tucked in earmarks for their own districts (thanks to Taxpayers for Common Sense).

Oh the shame.

The problem with all the caterwauling against earmarks is twofold: 1) some of the projects are actually useful 2) everybody does it. Obama’s plan to make these little piggies defend their pet projects in public, actually bid the contracts and have websites dedicated to the spending plans are all a fine ideas. And I hope there’s enough political will to do so. Until then, though, I hope guys like Jim Bunning and Stephen-Colbert-look-alike Darrell Issa just shut their traps.


One response to “Earmark Hypocrisy

  1. If you have a problem with a spending bill, you ought add as many earmarks as possible. If the money is going to be spent, those in your district ought benefit. The most sensible thing to do would be add earmarks, and vote against the final bill. Either way, you win.

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