Kudlow Testing the Dodd Waters

CNBC talk show host Larry Kudlow seems to smell Chris Dodd’s blood in the water. According to Glenn Thrush, Kudlow is sniffing around the Republican National Congressional Committee, Rob Simmons already announced his bid, despite the fact that he hadn’t set up a campaign web site by the time of his announcement, and then there’s Sam Caligiuri, a little-known state Senator from Waterbury who has also expressed interest in running against Dodd.

Of course, as a friend of mine said last night, the only person who said more stupid things about the economy than Chris Dodd is Larry Kudlow.

Dodd has endured nothing but bad news since his abysmal showing in the 2008 Presidential contest. And the news keeps getting worse. Over the past 48 hours he’s changed his story on the AIG bonuses and he keeps getting bombarded by press to clarify his statement.

2010 is going to be a bad year for Mr. Doodles.


One response to “Kudlow Testing the Dodd Waters

  1. Hamilton a free market capitalist. Kudlow is amazingly stupid. Such thick irony. Hamilton and his policies and ideas are at the root of this crisis.

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