Bill O’Reilly Sucks Balls, Boycotts Sean Penn

Just in case you were wondering what Bill-O thinks about Sean Penn (hint: he’s just not that into him), The Hollywood Reporter via Reuters has this shit-bag interview.

A couple of choice moments…

Billy on his role in the media (hint: he thinks he’s an underdog watchmen of the overexposed spouters):

My job is to watch the powerful. A performer has a forum that other people do not, and all we ask is that they be fair. If they believe something and use their TV show, movie or concert to spout off about it, that’s fine. But if we have some questions about their beliefs, I think they should answer them — and not be drive-by people.

And my personal favorite about the angriest he’s ever been on-air:

There was an attorney for people who oppose Jessica’s Law (to punish sex offenders) that really got me. If you can’t protect little kids, we should just pack it up as a country. And after 9/11, a kid in his 20s whose father was killed at the Twin Towers. I was all set to do a sympathetic interview, but the kid started saying the USA attacked the towers and killed his father. I just said, “Oh my God. Do you realize how many other people are suffering tonight in addition to you? How could you possibly say that?” I was very angry at that kid. And the Barney Frank thing (in which O’Reilly called Frank a “coward” during an October debate over Fannie May and Freddie Mac). But I really wasn’t angry; I just needed to scold him because he was blaming everyone else, even though some of this economic mess is his fault.

Uh, excuse me, sir, but I beg to differ… There was that one time you forgot you couldn’t read.

(Lest we forget)


4 responses to “Bill O’Reilly Sucks Balls, Boycotts Sean Penn

  1. I love that video. It makes me laugh everytime., but I had never seen the very end where he takes off his jacket as if he’s going to kick someones ass, great stuff!

    That said, I think Sean Penn is just as much of a self-important shit bag as O’Reilly, but at least he can act.

    • Yeah, gotta agree. Penn is a whiny, humorless son of a bitch, but at least when he’s acting, he’s good enough to make me forget he’s a whiny, humorless son of a bitch.

      O’Reilly just apes the latest Neo-con opinions. Poorly.

  2. Yeah, Penn is obviously a self-serious goon, and I think he and Bill-O are in the same league.

  3. Two questions, was Milk the sequel to I am Sam?

    Have you heard Bill’s audio book?

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