Obama = Bush on Habeus Corpus

This is exceptionally disappointing.

With his decisions to eventually close GitMo and, you know, ban torture, you’d think that he’d go for the hat trick and offer habeus corpus to foreign detainees. But, alas, he’s no better than his predecessor on this.

Hat tip to JP Fellows for keeping me honest.


5 responses to “Obama = Bush on Habeus Corpus

  1. As a veteran who was subject to the Geneva Convention, I am exceptionally disappointed in this decision.

    Open ALL of the books, tell the TRUTH, and act accordingly.

    Life is precious.

    Did you see the Jeaneate Garafolo interview? That was absolutely shameful. Read freenorwich 2morrow for my take on that.

  2. Get used to being disappointed by Obama. He’s no messiah. Barry is just another politician who operates from political motives. The Dems are wrong on security and they know it and so you get what is happening now.

    Obama and the lot talked a big game during the campaign about ending the Iraq War, closing GitMo, banning “torture”, giving detainees rights, and all that crap, but now that its show time he’s merely doing a dance for the press. Yay he closed GitMo, oh wait there’s a bunch more GitMos that he’s not closing. Yay he’s ending the Iraq War, oh wait he’s leaving 50,000 troops there and moving the rest a couple of countries over to Afghanistan. What about the promises he made to the American people? What about the promises he made to the troops?

    The Dems know these wars are needed. They know the Islamic World posses a real threat to America and every other free society in the world, but they also know that the war is politically bankrupt. So in order to gain power they publically condemn it whilst continuing it. The fact is all those people who got on the Obama bandwagon for “change” were duped by a liar. This is the kind of shady dishonest thing that is causing more and more Americans to lose faith in their government. Its not change, its just more of the same.

    • No one here has claimed that Barry is the messiah, save you. On the basest level, consider again your options. I’ll take Obama everyday over crazy John McCain, who hates science, especially the type of science that you study.

      Man, for someone who’s so smart, you sure can be a dope.

  3. At least everyone would have hated McCain.

  4. I’ve made no mention of McCain. All I’m trying to do is highlight the FACT that the Dems are not fulfilling the promises they made to end the war. That was their platform in the mid-term elections of 2004, and that was a major part of Obama’s platform last year, but they have not done anything to end the war since they have gained power. Rachel Maddow did well to call Obama out on this, but she doesn’t speculate as to why nothing is being done after all of the talk. Do you have any ideas or are you content to resort to name calling?

    By the way, I’m a Ron Paul man, you know that. Also, for some reason I get the feeling that is the same face Rachel makes when trying to pick up a chick at a lesbian bar. Sexy.

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